Thank you to all our Prayer Partners

Please allow me to update you on the information provided last month. As I indicated at the beginning of September, I was asked to consider a lead singer position with a Southern Gospel Group based here in Pennsylvania.

Over the last several weeks, we have been looking into this opportunity. We spent allot of time in prayer about this decision. We also spent some time getting to know the members of the group, learning some of the music, and attending some practices. From the very first song, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the group, and the music that they do. I have no doubt this would be a good fit both musically and their approach to ministry. In conjunction with this activity, we were also evaluating the impact this decision would have on VanOsten Music Ministries, and the work I do with my local Church.

As the subject of this post indicates, I would like to thank our prayer partners for your prayers and support in seeking Gods will in this decision. Last week, we made the decision that the time and distance associated with joining the group, is not something we are able to manage at this time, and we needed to pass on this opportunity. While I struggled with this decision, once the decision was made, the Lord has provided a peace that this is the right decision right now. 

Please continue to pray for VanOsten Music Ministries, as we begin scheduling date for Christmas Programs, and begin scheduling for the 2016 concert season. While I have intentionally left out the name of the group that I was speaking with, I would also like to request that you pray for the group, that they will find the singer they need to continue to their ministry as they go into the 2016 season. If you know of anyone that might be interested and qualified for this type of opportunity, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be glad to pass the information along.

August Update

Following the Short Term Mission Trip, I entered into a very busy month of August. 6 Concerts in 5 weeks. I know for many Vocalists that have been around for a while, this would not be that busy, but for me it was. Concerts included several different types of Services and events, and included my first opportunity to return to Waldheim Park in Allentown, PA as a soloist. The stretch ended with Labor Day weekend, where I had two concerts on Sunday, an hour apart from each other. 

At the first Labor Day weekend concert in Dillsburg PA, I was approached by someone who has a potential opening for a lead singer in a Southern Gospel Group. We talked about what my goals might be, and what their needs are, and we are currently looking into the Lords direction as it relates to my ministry and the ministry of this group. 

Please be in prayer for VanOsten Music Ministries, and myself as we seek the Lord's guidance in what is best for the furtherance of His Gospel.

July Update

The month of July was pretty much taken up by preparations for, and attending our Short Term Missions Trip to Nashville, TN. We traveled to Nashville in the middle of the month, and had an incredible week. My specific job was to transport work groups and  travel around to the different work sites. In doing so, I would check on the work groups, take pictures of the work and the crews, and help to foster the relationships with the organizations that we were working with. Back at camp, my responsibilities varied as it related to supporting the Group Missions Trip Organization that was putting on this trip. As you might guess, that did include serving as a worship leader during our camp meeting sessions.

As you read this, please keep in mind that in our case, the teens and adults that took part in this STM trip, spent 2 years raising money, then took a week out of their summer, to go live in some uncomfortable conditions, ultimately to work with various types of organizations that are helping and ministering too the less fortunate, and demonstrate the Love of Christ.

A few weeks after we returned, all the participants in the STM Trip presented an update to our church in the form of a panel discussion. Since we have two morning service times, and there are always so much information to provide, we decided to have different questions presented at the two services. This allowed us to encourage people to wanted a more complete picture of the trip to attend both services if possible. We have found this to be a very effective way to report back to the church when you have a good size group that goes on one of these trips.

On a personal note. As I traveled around the Nashville area, I would ask organizational staff what it meant for them to have these volunteers come in to help. Responses were everything from "We couldn't do this without them" to "That's Love right there".  There are so many stories that I could tell, but I believe those two statements sum up what it means to people when you simply give of your time and talents to help others.

I would like to encourage my readers to look at what talents you have, look for an organization in your area that could use those talents, see what you can do to help reach people with the Love of Christ, and the Message of the Gospel.

June Upedate

As you may have noticed, it has been a while since I have posted any updates on this blog. It was a very busy winter this year, but much of that activity did not lend itself to posting on this blog.

Now we have the 2015 summer concert season upon us. I have been busy scheduling events for this summer. Please feel free to check out the events page for upcoming events that might be in your area. 

In addition to the concerts that are scheduled, I will be going on a short term mission trip to Nashville, TN this year with my church. We will be serving the needy in the Nashville, TN area, and look forward to also being able to take part in the Music Ministry to the missionaries that will be there to serve.

Please keep VanOsten Music Ministries in your prayers as we seek out opportunities to reach people through music.

Here is a touching story from this past week in Weissport, PA

This past week, I started 3 straight weekends of Sunday Morning Services in the Lehighton, PA area. (Feel free to check out the events page for where I will be in the upcoming weeks.)

In every concert, my goal is to touch someone in a meaningful way through my music and testimony. This past week was no exception. I was at St. Peter's E.C. Church in Weissport, PA. This is a small church, and the pastor was on vacation. 

After the service was over, I was in the back of the church to meet and talk to people as they left. The first woman to come out and grabbed my hand with tears in her eyes. She proceeded to tell me about her husband (who had recently gone home to be with the Lord), and how he used to travel around and sing. She went on to tell me that many of the Hymns that I sang that morning, were some of their favorite hymns, and how it was such a blessing to hear those songs and be reminded of the days when they would travel around and sing.

As it turns out, this woman currently lives in Florida; however, this was her home church before they move down south. Since she was in the area, she decided to stop in this particular morning for a visit. She had no idea the pastor would be away, or that there was anything special going on that day.

Regardless of how large or small the audience, you never know who the Lord has put in your path on any particular day. While I know she told me how much of a blessing I was to her, I hope she knows how much of a blessing she was to me.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, My goal is to touch someone in a meaningful way with my music. As long as the Lord sees fit for me to touch people's lives, I will continue to reach out through music and whatever else the Lord has in store for me.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will continue to bless this ministry as we reach into the various churches and communities that we are called to touch.

June Update

While we have not had a lot of concerts scheduled, there are quite a few things going on in the background. I am currently working on a Hymns CD, as this is one of the most commonly requested items. I am not sure yet what the title is going to be; however, I believe this will be full of many favorites. Thanks to all who have provided some feedback on the Facebook request for input.

I have also been working on a marketing brochure that should be completed this week. This will be a great tool for people to take back to their Churches and Organizations, to provide a little summary of what VanOsten Music Ministries has to offer.

Look forward to seeing you at a concert soon.

Entering the 2014 Concert Season

With the Memorial Day Weekend approaching, we are entering the 2014 Summer season. The is now the second season for VanOsten Music Ministries, and we are looking forward to what this year has in store. We start off this season a King's Campground in Dillsburg, PA this Friday evening. This should be a great time with multiple artist. Please check out the events page for details. 

We are also in the process of booking dates for this season. If you have an event that you are planning, please feel free to check out the contact page for information on how to reach us for scheduling and/or information.

Have a great Holiday weekend, and don't forget to look for opportunities to thank a Vet for their service and sacrifice.

Christmas Event Rescheduling

As you may have seen, last weekends Christmas Party for People's E.C. Church. had to be postponed as a result of weather. This has resulted in two Events to be added to my schedule.

First, People's E.C. Church will extend the Christmas Celebration, and I have been asked to Sing for the 10:30 Worship service on 12/29. During this service, I will sing some of the Music from the new CD "The Perfect Tree", and we will have them available for purchase. If you are going to be in the area that morning, please feel free to join us. Details are located on the Events Page.

Secondly, The People's E.C. Church Christmas Party has been rescheduled for January 11th. This will be a great time for the Church Family to get together for a time of Fun and Fellowship. Looking forward to having some fun with some singalongs and some fun with the kids.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas CD Now Available

Over the last few months, I have been working on a Christmas CD. This product was intended to be released for the first time today, at our Church Christmas Party; however, the current weather forecast has modified our plans.

While I am working with People's E. C. Church to reschedule an opportunity for a debut of this CD, we have made the decision to proceed with the launch of the "The Perfect Tree" in conjunction with the launch of the new Products page that is now available on the web site.

"The Perfect Tree" is a collection of some of my favorite Christmas songs to celebrate the holiday's, family, and most importantly our Saviors birth. Feel free to got the Products page and check out the details of "The Perfect Tree". 

Products page is now available

VanOsten Music Ministries is proud to announce the launch of the new Products page on our website. Please feel free to review the CD's that are currently available there, including the brand new Christmas CD "The Perfect Tree" that has just been released. 

I am so proud to be able to meet the needs of the many request to make these products available online. Thank you all for your patience as we have been working through the details of this endeavor.

Products page is under Contruction

I had a very busy summer, and while I have not had many concerts this fall, I have continued to be busy behind the scenes of the ministry. At this time, I have two CD's that are available, and I am in the process of putting together a Christmas CD.

Please note that I was just making the CDs available on the web site, when I  found that I need to make an upgrade to my site in order to make this function work. Please bare with me as I make some final adjustments. In the mean time, if you are interested in CD's, please send me an email through the contact page, and I will be glad to get back to you with information regarding the CD's.


September 11th Memorial Service 2013

It was such a humbling experience to be part of the program in Lehighton PA last evening. This is the first time that I have been asked to sing the National Anthem, and I put a lot of time in this past week to make sure I got it right. 

We also received a late request to provide the sound equipment for the event, and we learned the original equipment they were attempting to get was not available. 

I have a couple great guys that have been helping me, and I want to send a special thanks out to Mark Anthony, who was able to adjust his schedule on short notice to assist. Great Job Mark. Hunter McCabe on sound and Al VanOsten (my father) running my product table, have also been dong a great job as part of this ministry.

I would also like to send out another special thanks to all who assisted us in tearing down at the end of the event. During the event, we watched the wind kick up and the lightning in the distance. Thanks to many hands, all was packed up and stored safely and dry. 

Every year we watch the news as they cover the various events that take place. It is always and emotional time that takes us back to where we were when we first learned what was taking place and the moments that followed. I never imagined that taking part in one of these events would be as emotionally draining as it was. I am looking forward to the opportunity to participate again next year.

May we stay united as a country and never forget the events of that day, until the Lord returns to take us away. 

Labor Day 2013

I was invited to participate in a Gospel Sing at King's Kids Camp in Dillsburg, PA. 

This was an all day event were I had the opportunity to sing along side of some other wonderful recording artists. Randy Simpson coordinated the entertainment for this event and put together a great lineup. Tommy Barlow, Paul & Mary Good, Dave Powers, Randy Simpson, Connie Yohn, and Myself. 

While I really enjoy getting to share my testimony through music, it is also very exciting and encouraging to get to spend the the day with and listen to the others at an event like this. At the end of the program, we were all asked to plan to return next year. I am really looking forward to many more opportunities to participate in events like this.


The Month Of August In Review

It was a very busy month of August here at VanOsten Music Ministries.  We started off on 8/11, with the presentation of our STM Trip experiences to People's EC Church. This was followed up on 8/18 with an interview with the local newspaper about the trip. The article was in the Times News on 8/24. While both the Church Service and News Paper articles did a great job of providing a general overview of the events of this trip, they don't even begin to touch on the actual experience of going on a trip like this. I would like to encourage all who have ever considered a trip like this, to take the leap of faith and go the next time an opportunity arises.

On 8/17 we participated in the Rally In The Valley. This was a Youth Rally hosted by Christ Evangelical Free Church on 443 outside of Lehighton PA, and was supported and staffed by multiple churches in the area. For this event, we assisted in the support of the band and sound, as well as having an opportunity to open with a few songs before the band. This was pretty well attended by the local youth groups, and we are hoping this is something that we can build on in the future. 

The month rounded out when on 8/25 I had the opportunity to share what the Lord has been doing in this ministry with my home church. (People's Evangelical Congregational Church in East Weissport, PA.) this was great opportunity to be able to share some of the stories of the last few months, while also being able sing some of the songs that have been receiving some great feedback on.  During this service, I asked if anyone would be interested in a Christmas CD. Instantly, about 1/2 those present popped there hands up. As a result, we are not taking steps toward a Christmas CD, that we hope to have ready for release in Mid November. Please pray for us as we work on this new project. 


STM Trip to Newark, NY - review

What an amazing time we had serving the Lord in Newark, New York. 

Please take note on the Events page, the program at People's EC Church to present our experiences, has been moved to Aug, 11th. 

During this trip, I was working with a community free lunch program, that was providing free lunches for children in low income communities. I also had the chance to work with the praise team back at the our base camp. This provided opportunities to work with all kinds of kids this week, including the ones from our own youth group.

One of the highlights of my week was when the leader of the community center I was working at, let me know that her own children saw that there was something different about the kids on our crew that week. They could tell that our kids were there because they wanted to be, and not because their parents made them come or it would look good on their college applications. What a testimony our crew was to that community center.

Come join us at People's EC Church on August 11th, when you will get a chance to hear about all the different projects and experiences we had as individuals, and as a team.

Last week was amazing

As you can see from my last post, my schedule has been growing quickly. That fast growing schedule made it necessary to move quickly in preparing for my first couple of concerts.

The week before last, was spent in the recording studio. This was a great experience, that resulted in the completion of two CD's.

Last week was a flurry of activity working to get both CD's duplicated and packaged.  While it was a crazy week, we were able to have both CD's on the ministry table, at my June 2nd Concert.  It was so exciting to complete the week with a successful concert and solid CD sales.

Keep an eye on this site as I will be looking to make CD's available soon. in the mean time, CD's will be available at live events, or feel free to email me with CD requests. 

Schedule Is Growing Quickly

It is so exciting to see the word spreading. Please feel free to continue to check the Events page, as I have several new items that have been added, and I have several events that are in the works. As soon as I have them finalized, I will update the Events schedule with the details.

Sunday May 5th

Hello Friends, I am really excided to have the opportunity to sing at the Hymn Sing at the Good Shepherd UCC Church in Slatington, PA. If you are available This Sunday afternoon, please feel free to join us. Please refer to the events page for exact location. You may also leverage the map feature to find specific directions. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to VanOsten Music Ministries

Since High School, I have been taking any opportunity I can get to use my talents to praise the Lord. From 2000 - 2008, I travelled around northeastern Pennsylvania with X-alt Ministries. Over the last few years, I have focused my efforts at People's EC Church in Lehighton, PA, where I have been involved with audio support and special programs. I have recently taken over as Chair of the Music and Worship committee.

It is these experiences that have brought me to a place where I am now launching my Solo Ministry. Please feel free to go to the contact page to request information or to inquire about available dates.