STM Trip to Newark, NY - review

What an amazing time we had serving the Lord in Newark, New York. 

Please take note on the Events page, the program at People's EC Church to present our experiences, has been moved to Aug, 11th. 

During this trip, I was working with a community free lunch program, that was providing free lunches for children in low income communities. I also had the chance to work with the praise team back at the our base camp. This provided opportunities to work with all kinds of kids this week, including the ones from our own youth group.

One of the highlights of my week was when the leader of the community center I was working at, let me know that her own children saw that there was something different about the kids on our crew that week. They could tell that our kids were there because they wanted to be, and not because their parents made them come or it would look good on their college applications. What a testimony our crew was to that community center.

Come join us at People's EC Church on August 11th, when you will get a chance to hear about all the different projects and experiences we had as individuals, and as a team.