September 11th Memorial Service 2013

It was such a humbling experience to be part of the program in Lehighton PA last evening. This is the first time that I have been asked to sing the National Anthem, and I put a lot of time in this past week to make sure I got it right. 

We also received a late request to provide the sound equipment for the event, and we learned the original equipment they were attempting to get was not available. 

I have a couple great guys that have been helping me, and I want to send a special thanks out to Mark Anthony, who was able to adjust his schedule on short notice to assist. Great Job Mark. Hunter McCabe on sound and Al VanOsten (my father) running my product table, have also been dong a great job as part of this ministry.

I would also like to send out another special thanks to all who assisted us in tearing down at the end of the event. During the event, we watched the wind kick up and the lightning in the distance. Thanks to many hands, all was packed up and stored safely and dry. 

Every year we watch the news as they cover the various events that take place. It is always and emotional time that takes us back to where we were when we first learned what was taking place and the moments that followed. I never imagined that taking part in one of these events would be as emotionally draining as it was. I am looking forward to the opportunity to participate again next year.

May we stay united as a country and never forget the events of that day, until the Lord returns to take us away.