Thank you to all our Prayer Partners

Please allow me to update you on the information provided last month. As I indicated at the beginning of September, I was asked to consider a lead singer position with a Southern Gospel Group based here in Pennsylvania.

Over the last several weeks, we have been looking into this opportunity. We spent allot of time in prayer about this decision. We also spent some time getting to know the members of the group, learning some of the music, and attending some practices. From the very first song, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the group, and the music that they do. I have no doubt this would be a good fit both musically and their approach to ministry. In conjunction with this activity, we were also evaluating the impact this decision would have on VanOsten Music Ministries, and the work I do with my local Church.

As the subject of this post indicates, I would like to thank our prayer partners for your prayers and support in seeking Gods will in this decision. Last week, we made the decision that the time and distance associated with joining the group, is not something we are able to manage at this time, and we needed to pass on this opportunity. While I struggled with this decision, once the decision was made, the Lord has provided a peace that this is the right decision right now. 

Please continue to pray for VanOsten Music Ministries, as we begin scheduling date for Christmas Programs, and begin scheduling for the 2016 concert season. While I have intentionally left out the name of the group that I was speaking with, I would also like to request that you pray for the group, that they will find the singer they need to continue to their ministry as they go into the 2016 season. If you know of anyone that might be interested and qualified for this type of opportunity, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be glad to pass the information along.